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The Nao-shi Express
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Nao of alice nine

Defenders of the lost universe. Nao~shi attacks.

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Welcome to Nao~shi Express, a community dedicated to the lovely drummer of alice nine. The goal is provide and share news, media, graphics, quotes, and love about Nao Nao. Please be repectful of others and no Nao bashing (unless its the warm and fuzzy playful kind). No other rules apply. If you would like to be an affiliate (pretty please?) just message me! The more love we can share the better.

Nao Profile

Real Name: Murai Naoyuki
Nicknames: Pooh
Band: Alice Nine
Position: Drummer
Previous bands: Fatima, RusH
Birthday: July 31st, 1980
Sun Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac:
Metal Monkey

Blood Type: A
Height: 170cm (5’6)
Favorite Color: Black, doesn’t like florescent colors
Favorite music: Orutana/Alternative/Jazz/Soul
Favorite manga: 3X3 Eyes
Favorite drink: Coffee= Starbuck's caramel macchiato
First musical instrument he learned to play: Started with drums, could play the guitar and bass but wanted to be a vocalist.
Childhood hero: Ultraman
Sports engaged in: Soccer and Baseball

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